sdGetting started in international business means dealing with many new and unexpected challenges: living and social norms, attitudes and tastes, work ethics. Conduct of business and cultural norms very often diverge from those in North America. 

 We can help you to identify a customer market opportunities for your goods and services, making your access to the new markets easier and helping you to expand your business.

 We can help you to save your time and money in marketing your product or services in native languages of the country. We offering, as well, MARKET ENTRY SUPPORT in countries we know and speak the local languages, know the country’s specifics, prices, locations.

Upon your request, we conduct search of potential customers and set up sales meetings with further following ups.  As well, we offer assistance in daily, hassle free service, selecting for you safe and decent accommodation, and pre-arrange meetings and services, including airport transfers and introductions to potential customers and, if required, to relevant authorities.  If required we can advise and refer you to providers of legal services in the country (associates of western legal companies).


After many years of cooperation since end of 1998 Transcontinental Consulting Company, Ltd., Canada and NOTEX Ltd.) agreed to develop closer business cooperation and joining our efforts in the International market.

The company is based in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia and is headed by its founder/owner, Mr. Joseph Novosel, M.Sc.Eng.  For a period of up to 25 years the company was in supplying construction material and tools for construction projects in Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia and Hungary, specializing in such materials as:  dry construction systems, tiles,  plaster, windows,  suspended ceilings, boards, waterproofing, insulation, thermal insulation of expanded polystyrene,  cardboard,  and other material. Presently the company is expanding its borders of activity, both geographically and in offer of the list of products.  The company represents officially a great number of world-known brands.



We are happy to confirm that we had signed an Agreement of cooperation with the leading multilingual service provider, ranking 3rd in Asia and 19th in the world!

Transn IOL Technology Co., Ltd 


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