Acquiring reliable market intelligence and determining your ideal partner profile are key factors in the success of your international market expansion.

TCC Ltd. can help you: gain a good understanding of the market entry demands, research competition and to assist you in assessment of your possible partner’s profile, and to render support you may require to ensure a successful market entry.

In order to breaking –in into markets, your production, sales and distribution strategies may require adjustment, which will need introduction of a diversified strategy. In order to assist you in entering new markets can help you to achieve your goal faster and cheaper, advising

  1. Use a representative – we can find a qualified and reputable agent or distributor, which will allows you to sell internationally without additional expenses on sales force, managing distribution, providing after-sales service or struggling with language and other handicaps.

  2. By organizing and setting up your direct exporting excludes middlemen, provides control over sales transactions and keeps you close to customers. However, you will need assistance and local consulting in order to figure out the cultural differences in doing business in the new market, find efficient distribution methods and deal with issues, all of which may exceed your time and resources capacity.

  3. Follow your customer into the market – if for example you sell to a company in Latvia, and that Latvian company has affiliated enterprises in Europe, you may be able to approach directly businesses in other Baltic States, in Sweden, Norway, Finland. As well, we can help you familiarize you yourself with the local markets, its business environment and trends.

  4. Partner with a local company – partnering with a local company already operating in a market can provide on-the-ground knowledge and contacts, as well as gateways for expansion into surrounding countries and beyond.